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Why Video Marketing Is Crucial for Your Business

In this blog post, you will discover why video is a must for your business, including the ways in which it can help you build brand awareness, brand loyalty and more. This is applicable whether you have one product, numerous services, or run an enterprise.

How Video Marketing Can Help You Build Your Brand

Let’s get straight to the point. What is the best reason to start using video marketing for your business? Why is it essential?

To start, video is one of the best ways to get creative and make your business stand out from the crowd in an engaging way. Video has the power to catch the attention of potential customers and evoke emotions within them. Video also has the unique ability to go beyond the written word. Unlike written communications, which are limited by the confines of the page, video allows your brand to expand through the magic of visual storytelling.

Video can deliver messages more effectively than other forms of communication for the above reasons. In addition, it helps viewers absorb and store information better than if they were to read it.

One of the best things about video marketing is that it is highly scalable. This means that you can increase or decrease the amount of effort you put into your video marketing strategy depending on your business’ needs.

You can create videos for your website, your blog, social media channels, ads and beyond. While some of these platforms may have limited space for content, you can create a video that tells a story, includes your logo, and is at least 10 seconds in length.

This means that you do not necessarily need to put a lot of money into video production to start seeing results.

Building Brand Awareness

Using video is an excellent way to introduce potential customers to your brand, whether it’s on social media, your website or beyond.

You can communicate a lot more information in a short time frame using video over other mediums such as text. As such, it’s the perfect format for educating customers about your brand.

Brand awareness can be heightened by using the following types of videos:

  • Promo Videos where you introduce your brand and its product or service offering.
  • Educational Videos where you educate viewers on either your brand (and its product or service) or the industry in which it operates.
  • Product Videos where you show your product or service is used so that viewers can see for themselves how it will benefit them.

Building brand awareness leads seamlessly to our next topic, brand loyalty. Brand awareness comes first, and brand loyalty swiftly follows.

Each time a potential customer sees your video, they get to know your brand a little more and will be more likely to purchase your product or use your service in the future. Your brand is more likely to come front of the mind when they’re searching for something relevant, and continue to do so as they become loyal customers.

Building Brand Loyalty

Video is a powerful way to communicate with your customers and build loyalty. The way a customer perceives a brand is incredibly impactful on brand loyalty.

You can use video to shape a customer’s perception of your brand to increase their brand loyalty.

If they perceive your brand to be high quality, they will stay loyal due to that trust.

What’s more, video can help provide a positive customer experience when people interact with your brand on any platform.

It’s a great way to address customer pain points and FAQs succinctly.

By clearing up any queries, customers are more likely to make purchases time and again. Especially if you produce videos that highlight how customers can get the most out of your product or service or inspire them to keep using it.

Website Optimization

As with any form of marketing, customers who are interested in your products or services are going to go to your website to learn more.

You can boost your web page’s search engine optimization (SEO) by including video(s) on your site.

To optimize your website for videos, include keywords in the head> tags of your HTML. Also, include a short description of your video in the HTML itself. Be sure to include your brand name, logo, and taglines in the header.

Using Influencers to Create Videos

One of the most effective uses of video is to collaborate with influencers.

As we discussed above, videos are able to go beyond the page and into the realm of visual storytelling. Working with influencers who have this capability can allow you to tell your brand’s story in a way that is engaging and makes you look good.

You can find collaborators in both your niche and your location by partnering with agencies that can manage the entire process, such as Moburst.

They often have influencer groups and have the data and tracking to properly support influencer campaigns.

Just be sure to follow the rules for collaborations. Make sure that the content is relevant to your brand, that it is not illegal or harmful in any way, and that it does not contain any slander or libel against other people or brands.

Creator Network/ UGC Videos

When you have a niche that revolves around common topics, such as travel or food, you can create a variety of videos to help you build your brand.

By working with a network of creators, you can leverage the look and feel of influencer videos to create multiple short videos that all promote your business and tell your story.

These videos have an authentic feel to them and unlike influencer videos, you own the videos and the channels that they are posted on. This allows you to better create and integrate these videos into a broader marketing strategy and repurpose them in other campaigns and ads.

With the quick turnaround and greater flexibility, there is a lot more you can do with these videos.

The Types of Videos That You Can Create

There are many different types of videos that you can create, and each has its advantages. Let’s take a look at the most common types of videos that businesses are creating these days.

Educational Videos

These are videos that explain a product or service in detail. They can also explain the industry in which the product or service operates. Educational videos can be extremely useful for business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) sales.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos explain a brand’s offering to consumers. They often appear on website homepages, product pages or landing pages.

There are different types of explainer videos:

  • Animated Explainer Videos: animation can help strip concepts back and explain them simply. It can also bring intangible technology to life that would be impossible to portray using live recordings.
  • Animation can be injected with endless creativity and can be adjusted along the way, making it perfect for dynamic products or services.
  • Live-Action Explainer Videos: “real life” clips are used to explain a product or service. Where animated explainer videos are the best solution for intangible products, live-action works better when explaining something physical or a human-led service.
  • Using real people helps the viewer to create an emotional connection.
  • Whiteboard Explainer Videos: these feature animation that is hand-drawn and erased on a whiteboard or piece of paper. They’re cheap to produce and help to explain almost anything in a simple manner.

Demonstration, Tutorial and How-To Videos

These types of videos show viewers how to use your product or service. They’re an engaging way to share your knowledge or skill set regarding specific tasks.

They can be “real life” videos or screen recordings that walk viewers through how to complete a particular task, your product or service in a step-by-step or how-to style.

Within this category, you could produce “top tips” videos whereby you highlight your best tricks for making the most out of your product or service.

At the same time, customers will be learning exclusive information that adds a personal “we’re letting you in on a secret” touch.

FAQ Videos

Brands are often asked the same questions about their products or services on repeat. If these questions are left unanswered, it can cause customers to abandon them.

Addressing these pain points or points of friction can help customers feel secure in purchasing from your brand. It takes away the unknown and builds confidence and trust.

As we’ve established, video is the perfect method for relaying information succinctly and compellingly. Therefore, videos also make the perfect method for answering your brand’s most important FAQs.

By answering these questions, you’re ensuring more customers will be interested in buying from your brand or will know what to do once they have already made the purchase.

Sales or Marketing Videos

These types of videos are meant to attract new customers or increase the lifetime value of your customers.

A sales video specifically helps to sell and promote products and services whereas a marketing video can be more general, often intended to generate brand awareness, boost a campaign or fit into a broader marketing strategy.

These videos could also fall into the category of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to get your brand out there to relevant audiences. Much of influencer marketing includes video content, such as YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and Instagram Reels.

You can work with influencers to bring about product review videos where they review your product or service for their viewers, invite them to events where they will film and interact with other attendees to generate a social buzz around your brand, and produce Vlogs that incorporate your product or service without being too “sales”, and so much more.

These types of videos are meant to introduce your brand and what you do to a wider audience.

You can create an introduction or community-building videos that focus on a specific audience, such as those targeting new customers or people in specific countries.

You can add welcome videos to your website as videos are a great way to catch the attention of web visitors and give them the information quickly. Welcome videos give your brand a much more personal touch.

Additionally, thank you videos also add a personal touch.

Thank you videos can be sent to customers after they’ve made a purchase, and they’re a great opportunity to both make them feel part of a new community and help them to get the best out of your product or service.

Video is a powerful marketing tool that can help you build your brand, connect with your customers, and more. To make the most of this opportunity, you will want to look into different types of videos, such as how-to videos, sales or marketing videos, and community-building videos.

Working with the right agency that has the skills and expertise to create cutting-edge videos for all facets of your business is essential to make sure that you don’t just create a video, but that you create a video that is a key marketing asset for your brand. Moburst can help you with exactly that.

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