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Top SEO Companies in Australia with Great Case Studies

Top SEO companies in Australia are changing the game for businesses. In a highly competitive marketplace and crowded advertising scene, you need the guidance of an experienced SEO agency. 

First thing’s first. Let’s understand how SEO works for companies.

The principle of SEO is simple: People utilize various search engines to find businesses, goods, and services. When you rank highly in those browsers for the relevant keywords, you can gain more web traffic. Eventually, more organic traffic leads to more calls, messages, inquiries, and sales. 

In a nutshell, SEO companies in Australia help you enhance your brand messaging to attract high-value customers ready to buy. A good search engine ranking is the key to becoming credible in their eyes.

We have listed the best SEO companies in Australia with their great case studies, keep reading for exploring each of them!

Best Seo Companies in Australia in 2022

Top SEO companies in Australia help you rank higher in search results, expand your customer base, and increase visibility. Eventually, more brand exposure means more chances to close a sale. 

Here, we have compiled a list of the best SEO companies in Australia:

  • Shout Digital Marketing
  • Magneto IT Solutions
  • Digital Hitmen
  • Revium
  • Covert
  • Frank Digital
  • Emote Digital
  • Crowd

Shout Digital Marketing

Top SEO companies in Australia

Shout Digital Marketing is an excellent Australian SEO company with great results. They understand your goals and needs, then develop the best SEO strategy for your brand. Ranging from SEO audit, local, national, or international SEO to mobile SEO, they offer various services that you need. 

Baby Bunting worked with this talented digital marketing agency to create a consistent brand voice and messaging across multiple channels. After they achieved that, the results showed up without difficulty. The brand increased 

  • in-store visits by 32% and
  • their revenue by 500%. 

Magneto IT Solutions

Regardless of your industry, Magneto IT Solutions can help you achieve your goals. They work with various companies from diverse sectors. That enables the agency to adapt to different needs and circumstances easier. 

Sunshine Distribution came to Magneto to grow their audience reach. They work in the scooter and skate industry and are essentially a B2B business. Magneto designed an eCommerce store with an engaging SEO-optimized website. The combination of eCommerce web development with SEO services was an excellent job.

Digital Hitmen

Top SEO companies in Australia

Digital Hitmen is one of the experienced SEO companies in Australia. This company delivers the desired results within a short time with a 99% customer satisfaction rate that proves them to be high-quality. 

This digital marketing company offers an effective social media marketing plan with the best SEO strategies. From keyword targeting or trusted link building to managing a marketing campaign, they accompany you on your way to success. As a result, you will boost online traffic, achieve more high-value leads, and increase your revenue. 


Top SEO companies in Australia

Revium is the best SEO firm in Australia that achieves results beyond your expectations. They provide data-driven SEO strategies for various social channels to ensure you get the best ROI for your investments. 

The team conducts data analysis to form the most effective SEO campaigns on your behalf. They combine SEO services with content strategy and paid ads. Their approach to SEO includes four steps: 

  • Make sure Google finds your website without errors.
  • Understand your audience. 
  • Produce useful and attractive content.
  • Employ outreach strategies.


Covert is a performance-driven Australian SEO company that you need to achieve your business goals. They focus on these two things: an effective strategy with creativity in hand. They emphasise the importance of data as the fabric of their success.

Their SEO services involve various efforts: technical SEO, content marketing, data analysis, competitor analysis, and many more. For example, Franck Provost received SEM and SEO services to raise search visibility and reach more customers. Eventually, they enhanced new appointments for their selected stores by 15% and improved organic search.

Frank Digital

Frank Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency specialising in SEO services. They increase the conversion rate for Australia’s well-established businesses. They claim to have the heart of a small agency and the brains of a big agency. 

One of their clients, The Forme, provides modern women with stylish products. So they needed an eCommerce website that is easy-to-use and fashionable. Frank Digital created this mobile-first eCommerce experience for The Forme, employing SEO techniques to increase engagement and sales.


One of the groundbreaking SEO companies in Australia, DIJGTAL brings together these three fundamentals in an effective strategy: authenticity, confidence, and outcome. They are an innovation-led agency established in 2016. They listen to your goals and benefit from extensive research to make the best plan for you. 

When Enthusiast Motor contacted DIJGTAL, they aimed to build a distinctive online presence and transform their website visitors into loyal customers. DIJGTAL worked day and night to help the brand achieve their objectives. While reducing customer conversion costs drastically, the agency enhanced online mentions and policy conversions enormously. 

Emote Digital

Emote Digital is one of the best SEO agencies in Australia with 20 years of expertise. They have an excellent SEO experts team that helps brands shine out in the crowd.

Their SEO and website audit finds out what they have. Then, they offer keyword search analysis to keep you updated on your customers’ interests. They form the best landing page that results in more sales. That’s not all. Their search advertising services also include more than Google ads.


Top SEO companies in Australia

Crowd is an excellent Australian SEO company drawing on data and research to form the best SEO strategy specific to your brand. Their team of marketing professionals will guide you through your way to grow your business as they emphasize sustainability too. 

For example, one of their clients works in the competitive real estate industry. For Eagle Hills, the agency created an SEO-optimized website that produces more sales and inquiries. Moreover, a long-run SEO strategy they formed helped their client maintain a consistent brand image and enhance visibility.

How to Choose The Best SEO Company in Australia

Medium or small businesses, big brands or start-ups, whatever you are, SEO services are essential to growing your business. 

Follow these steps while choosing the best SEO agency in Australia.

Determine Your Objectives

Before everything, you should determine your objectives. Once you know what you want to achieve with an SEO campaign, you are ready to go. Since every company is unique, SEO techniques will differ based on what would be most beneficial to your company.

Good SEO Companies Rank Higher

Word-of-mouth or professional networks are not the perfect way to find a good SEO firm. Indeed, this is in direct opposition to all that SEO represents. 

Search for Australian SEO companies on Google. Those agencies that rank at the top of your search results prove to know what they do. Remember that the point of hiring an SEO company is that you believe in the significance of search engine rankings.

Ask These Agencies To Explain How SEO Works

Well, we admit that SEO technicalities are not the easiest thing to understand or explain. However, it is also not magical. If an SEO firm in Australia can’t pinpoint the fundamentals of what an SEO strategy for your brand would entail, it is a bad sign.

When hiring an SEO firm, look for one that will question your brand and clarify how their SEO services can help your business. A professional SEO organization will inform you which objectives are attainable and explain how you may achieve them.

Conduct Extensive Research

To understand an SEO company’s quality and expertise, request success stories, check for online ratings and client reviews. For example, clients’ websites are excellent indicators of their talent. 

First of all, the company you’ll select to manage your SEO strategy must be reliable, skilled, adaptive, and, ideally, have familiarity with your service or product. Here, client testimonials provide you with solid examples of how this company works with real customers. Something is wrong if an SEO firm cannot present a resume of past works.

Get Performance Reports

You can monitor your organic visibility with Google Analytics, Search Console, keyword research analysis, and many more tools. So, you should hire one of the SEO companies in Australia that will give precise, verifiable, and accurate stats on everything they perform.

A quality SEO agency will speak with you and provide these reports regularly. In short, because they’re doing an excellent job, they’ll like you to hear about that as well!

The top SEO companies in Australia help you enhance your rankings when searched online. That leads to more brand visibility along with building a positive reputation. These Australian SEO companies are essential to stand out in the competitive industries.

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