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Top 14 eLearning Tools in 2021 to Create Amazing Courses

Armed with the right eLearning authoring tools, you can create engaging and effective courses, and ensure maximum knowledge retention.

But like choosing the right online course marketplace, choosing one of the myriads of tools out there can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we’ve narrowed down the list to help you make an educated decision. 

Here are the top 14 eLearning software solutions for creating outstanding courses in 2021.


Right now, LearnWorlds appears to be gaining a lot of traction as one of the best online course creation platforms to sell video courses online. They see themselves as a “premium” choice that offers high interaction and social learning capabilities to go along with the normal course material.

There is a lot of importance placed by the company on its tools to create sales websites for courses, and these do look really great! Even if you don’t want to sign up, you can try them out using LearnWorlds’ simulator. With the full website builder functionality it debuted in 2020, LearnWorlds is also going closer to an “all-in-one” to sell video lessons online than other platforms in this category.

LearnWorlds offers craft learning experiences your customers will love. You can boost usage, satisfaction and retention for professional and compliance training, continuing education, and employee/customer onboarding. Start monetizing your skills, experiences and your audience.

Not a LearnWorlds user yet? Create your free 30-day trial and be part of a community of successful course creators and educators. Start Today!

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is an all-in-one solution for fast and easy content creation.

The toolkit includes a professional video studio, a quiz maker, a collection of interaction templates, a role-play builder, a library of 69000+ eLearning assets, and an online space for team collaboration.

Content created with iSpring Suite is mobile ready and can be accessed across multiple platforms, as it supports all modern eLearning standards.

ProProfs Training Maker

With ProProfs Training Maker, you can use existing material or author content from scratch in minutes using the pre-built templates and courses. 

You can add videos, presentations, documents, quizzes, surveys,
and more to make your courses engaging.


This eLearning software doubles as LMS software for managing
learners and activities. It also provides you with real-time reports and
analytics for measuring engagement and the performance of your courses. 

It supports knowledge-sharing, seamless third-party integrations, customization and branding, and also course monetization.


Docebo is an AI-powered LMS for personalizing courses and automating time-consuming administrative tasks.

It allows you to explore a 700-course library to create content, centralize, and manage learning activities, and facilitate social learning in the flow of work. 

Additionally, it comes with an AI Virtual Coach for better learning, and robust reports for real-time performance tracking.


Whatfix is an on-demand employee training platform for creating interactive courses for the digital adoption of your enterprise applications. It can help your employees quickly adopt any and all software products or apps you use. 


It empowers them with personalized learning paths and customized
contextual help.

It allows you to create learning modules and use employee roles
to organize your content. You can also seamlessly integrate it with your LMS
software and other tools.


aNewSpring is a platform for delivering blended, adaptive, and social learning courses to training providers. It helps professional trainers learn and teach smarter.

Moreover, aNewSpring lets you create tests, surveys, demos, and assignments, manage content and roles, generate reports, integrate with other eLearning authoring tools, and sell, resell, and white-label your courses.

Raptivity 2020

Raptivity 2020 is an eLearning software solution for building visually-stimulating learning interactions. It features over 190 pre-built responsive interactions that you can customize. 

You can create software simulations, diagrams, brainteasers,
surveys, flashcards, wild cards, and much more – all interactive models.

It also supports microlearning through integrations with
eLearning authoring tools and comes with media search powered by AI.


Cornerstone provides an LMS software suite for stimulating learning and development in the workplace. It’s a holistic learning solution primarily aimed at self-learning.

It comes with expert content but allows using existing course
content as well, which can be quizzes, surveys, videos, various interactive
assignments, and much more. 

It’s an integrated ecosystem that helps make data-driven
decisions with real-time reports and predictive workflow analytics.


If you’re looking for an LMS platform focused on microlearning, Grovo can give you exactly what you need. Since Grovo joined Cornerstone, you can find all of its courses in the Cornerstone library. 

There are more than 2,500 of them. You can either customize them
or create new ones from scratch.

This easy-to-use tool also comes with a video training library
that’s mobile-ready and easily accessible anytime. It’s perfect for faster
onboarding, better knowledge retention, and higher employee retention.


AdaptiveU is an LMS software solution that you can use for onboarding employees, teaching students in the cloud, educating customers, and building a better online community.

It lets you use any online content (websites, videos, documents,
articles, presentations, quizzes, etc.) to create interactive courses. 

Not only it lets you track the learning progress but also generate reports. It also supports gamification, exciting gifts, and virtual currencies.


Hoopla is a mobile-enabled, metric-based employee motivation and engagement platform. It lets you engage learners through gamification and friendly competition as well as keep track of their progress in real-time.

You can create numerous Hoopla Channels to broadcast
personalized newsflashes across your organization to keep employees motivated
and reach your training goals. 

You can actually create engaging courses with this tool. Also, you
can integrate it with other eLearning authoring tools to take your courses to
the next level.


Panopto is an online video platform for businesses and universities. It helps you record, edit, manage, live stream, and share videos for employee training or education.

It features a centralized CMS for storing and organizing videos,
which is a searchable portal aimed at seamless collaboration and knowledge

It also includes features for webcasting and stimulating social
learning. You can integrate it with your LMS software and various other tools.


Axonify is another microlearning platform for creating and delivering bite-sized chunks of information to employees. It’s aimed at training frontline employees and improving their daily performance.

It keeps them engaged by reminding them to train for 3-5 minutes
every shift, enabling them to put their knowledge to practice instantly. 

Additionally, it uses AI to personalize training courses and help create adaptive learning experiences.


Yet another microlearning platform, QStream can help you quickly onboard, train, and engage employees. It uses gamification and enables simple knowledge sharing. 

It comes with a Coaching Hub for engaging managers and
supervisors too. The Hub helps them instantly identify who may need additional
assistance, when, and in what area. 

It also provides real-time heat maps, activity reports, team
comparisons, and much more – ideal for sales leaders.


Like Hoopla, Zunos focuses mainly on gamification, but it’s an entirely different eLearning software solution.

It lets you build and curate interactive content, and add
gamification, communication, and personalization to make it engaging. 

It also allows you to create instructor-led training courses,
on-demand content, and microlearning sessions.

This tool is designed for onboarding, L&D, product or
service training, HR, marketing, sales, and other operations that require
training on multiple responsibilities.

Wrap Up

Regardless of which of these eLearning authoring tools you use, you can easily supercharge your courses for better engagement and knowledge retention. You should consider getting help from the best eLearning Tools in order to ease the decision-making process overall. Also if you want to promote your online course you should be aware of the best digital marketing tools.

Although how to create your eLearning course is completely up to your needs and preferences, but with one of these tools by your side, you can never go wrong in meeting either of them.

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