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Rising Digital Marketing Trends Predicted by Digital Agencies for 2022

What are the latest digital marketing trends you should implement in 2022? How companies will be noticed in that crowded digital world?

Digital marketing is growing at such a fast pace that it may all seem confusing at times. But here’s the lowdown on everything around digital marketing that’s important to know right now.

The concept of marketing has been around for many years. It has experienced several massive changes over time with plenty of new digital marketing trends appearing.

Highly dependent on technological advances, digital marketing is changing and evolving every day. Each year sees many new strategies emerging. Thus, this article aims to discuss some of the most recent digital marketing trends you shouldn’t miss in 2022.

Let’s have a look at the popular digital marketing trends in 2022 suggested by leading digital agencies all over the world.

Focusing on User Generated Content


Perhaps the number one most trusted content online is user reviews. This includes everything from testimonials, comments, forums, social publications, and blog posts. According to statistics, there is an increase in conversion rates on product pages that incorporate user-generated content.

As a marketer in this digital age, you can take advantage of user-generated content by encouraging visitors to make reviews about their experience in your facility on their social media pages.

Loyalty, Referral Programs, and In-Store Incentives

by Mayple

With the recent iOs 14 changes and the new privacy laws, it’s going to be much harder for brands to retarget their visitors online. And without retargeting brands have to look elsewhere to build those customer relationships.

That’s why eCommerce companies are investing more in delighting their existing customers through loyalty and referral programs. This helps increase repeat purchases, increase the customer lifetime value (CLV) and increase sales without having to rely on 3rd party data.

Make It Faster


In June 2021, Google started rolling out its Page Experience update, putting a much greater emphasis on user experience, loading speed, and interactivity. This algorithm change means faster load times, among other factors, could benefit your search engine rankings. Google’s continuous technological push encourages designers and developers to make websites load more quickly and also provide a good user experience on mobile devices.

As time goes on, slow websites will most likely suffer from a loss of traffic, conversions, and past SEO rankings. In a digital world of short attention spans keeping users engaged is crucial. That is why in 2022 we fully expect to see more websites putting even greater emphasis on-page experience.

Potential New Platforms for PPC Ad Campaigns

by The Brains Marketing

As we will all be aware, Facebook and Google Ads have been the largest players in the digital advertising game for several years, but could this be about to change in 2022? Other social media platforms such as LinkedIn are increasingly being used for advertising (with LinkedIn being particularly prominent in the B2B sector), allowing marketers to reach users across 200+ countries, and other platforms like Bing and Amazon are also seeing increased usage.

To reach these users who are not making themselves accessible through Facebook and Google Ads, businesses may need to approach their marketing strategy in a new way. It’s no longer enough to focus all of your paid advertising efforts on one default search engine. To truly connect with your target audience through your ads, you must first analyse where they’re spending their time online and match where your ads are appearing to their digital habits.

Scannable Fonts

by Lounge Lizard Worldwide

Today, users are scanning content more than ever. So, naturally, it follows that your headings, subheadings, and hero images should be scannable and engaging to capture attention. In fact, some companies use font so effectively that it’s associated with their brand – think Apple.

As a focal point, typography and fonts are being used as a single design element with UI designers willing to use multiple fonts to create poster-type effects on websites. Think about the easy readability of Arial, Lucida Sans, Verdana, or Helvetica paired together in a poster-style hero image.

by Zoom Digital

Extra engaging content such as contests is a tremendous way to dramatically boost your reach and publicity, instantly. The quickest way to get your brand in front of lots of new potential customers, at a very low cost, is to have your current consumers share a social media post of a contest. 

Most of our clients take it a step ahead and make it a referral contest, often guaranteeing an impressive reward to the client who supports bringing in the newest business. 

Hybrid Events

by Tacpoint

Since the pandemic, more and more B2B buyers prefer the digital experience. Many companies have adopted digital marketing and digital sales tactics. Since event marketing has also turned into a digital experience, hybrid events are a great strategy in B2B digital marketing. A hybrid of in-person and virtual events is a more accessible, sustainable, and realistic option in today’s business climate.

The world is moving incredibly fast, and it’s all thanks to the Internet. Without the Internet, marketing wouldn’t be the massive industry as it is today. The thing is, it’s so huge, and it’s developing so fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up, even for experienced marketers.

However, it is imperative to be aware of the new developments because it might just give a company the edge they need to smoke out competitors. And the world isn’t going to stop spinning any time soon.

All in all, 2022 will be a pretty competitive year in the digital marketing landscape. It may seem overwhelming at times, but anyone, armed with the right knowledge and tools, can make it out on top.

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