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How Social Marketers can win at the polls this election cycle

The 2020 Presidential Election is unlike any other – surrounded by political, social, and environmental turmoil. Many marketers are asking the question, “how do we handle our posting schedule with the upcoming election and social news cycle changing every few minutes?” We’re here to help.  

360i’s Paid & Organic Social Marketing teams have put together recommendations and examples to help guide marketers as they plan for content in the next few weeks. This POV is designed to help your brand navigate the social media landscape before, during, and after the election. 


  • If you choose to engage, do it in a way that remains true to your brand voice. Focus on positivity and participation over politics, and avoid overly promotional or self-serving content. 
  • While we don’t recommend going dark, remain on the pulse of conversation, trends and news. Consider daily touch-bases with your team to monitor the situation and evaluate planned content to mitigate risk.  
  • Be prepared for curveballs. Even topics that ordinarily wouldn’t or shouldn’t be polarizing might take on more of a political bent in Q4. Have a plan of action in place for community management, and be prepared to pivot if necessary.  

Check out the full report here to learn about key dates and publishing considerations, influencer considerations, paid media considerations, the do’s and don’ts of getting involved, and much more.  

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