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Digital Marketing Agencies for Gaming Companies

Gaming advertising agencies are getting wild on the field as the industry is growing fast. 

  • By 2025, the worldwide gaming market expects to reach $256.97 billion, with mobile games being the largest segment. 
  • By 2026, the number of video game users will supposedly reach 3,197.7m

Far too many games on the market and fierce competition for gamers increase the challenge to produce a popular game. However, that is not impossible. To achieve this, create the proper marketing strategies and work with the best gaming advertising agencies.

What are the Best Video Game Marketing Strategies?

Your journey does not end when you produce, develop, or release your game. Or you might end up with the title of “indie game.” The challenge is making it stand out in a crowd and convincing users to choose to install it. 

Here are the best video game marketing strategies:

  • Communicating with the audience on social media.
  • Expanding outreach through cooperation.
  • Promoting your game on niche gaming platforms and websites.
  • Content marketing including blog posts, videos, even metaverse.
  • Being active on forums about gaming.
  • Google and social media advertising.
  • Starting an e-mail campaign for game.

What are the Most Popular Esports/Video Games Marketing Services?

A good way would be working with an influencer marketing agency. They will find you the perfect match to promote your game. 

Some of the most popular video games marketing services are:

  • Video marketing and blogging,
  • Digital PR and guestposting,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Community building,
  • E-mail marketing,
  • Influencer marketing,
  • Paid ads and more.

Best Video Game Marketing Agencies

Have you just released your latest game? Or maybe you want to reintroduce a senior one or are simply looking for more gamers. There is a wide range of video game marketing campaigns you may employ. However, to find the best way is to contact a game marketing company.

We’ve compiled a list of the best gaming marketing agencies that can help you: 

  • Crowd
  • Lounge Lizard
  • Wilderness
  • Mimosa Agency
  • Greenlight Digital
  • Magneto IT 
  • Covert 
  • Dijgtal
  • Crowdform
  • Pastilla
  • Omni Agency


Gaming advertising agencies, Crowd

Crowd works as a video game marketing agency. They assist you in achieving your business objectives. They consistently produce efficient marketing solutions and launch campaigns for clients by bringing together an interdisciplinary team of professionals.

For example, Crowd had a task by the designers of a popular online battle royale game, PUBG. They needed to create hype through a user engagement campaign based on a particular design. They met and even went beyond the expectations by building a high-quality platform to launch the contest. 

Lounge Lizard

game marketing companies, Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is the best game marketing genie in the game industry. They provide many services like branding, web designs, app development, digital advertising, and more.

They worked for Fidgy, which is an addictive game for all ages. Their marketing solutions for Fidgy focused on branding and mobile apps. They incorporated storytelling, attractive designs, and visuals into Fidgy’s mobile apps. If you consider going mobile, have a chat with them.

Wilderness Agency

video game digital agency, Wilderness

Wilderness is an award-winning game marketing company that will help you achieve your marketing goals. They won the Campaign Effectiveness Award and Social Media Agency Award in 2018 by UK Agency Awards. 

If you want to work with an agency that provides equal opportunities to every member and client, you’ll be in the right place. They also work on voluntary projects and for charities. 

Mimosa Agency

video game digital agency, Mimosa

Mimosa is a full-service agency focusing on branding, consultancy, designing, marketing, and innovation. They combine the three fundamental elements of a good business strategy: research, design, and advertising. 

They work closely with businesses utilizing VR, AR, and AI technologies. Moreover, they can work in campaign management for your new games.

Greenlight Digital

best game marketing companies, greenlight

Greenlight Digital is a game marketing company focusing on data-driven solutions. In a crowded industry like gaming, reaching the right people is essential. That’s why they start every project by understanding your target audiences first. 

Then, the agency comes up with many digital marketing solutions, Digital PR solutions, and PR campaigns ideas. Here, they benefit from their extensive research findings. The result will be an addictive game and increased revenue. 

Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT solutions, digital agency

One of the best gaming advertising agencies with excellent results and high customer satisfaction is Magneto IT Solutions. Let’s look at one of their existing clients to appreciate their talent. 

When 15 Digits contacted Magneto IT Solutions, they wanted to extend their reach to be a global gaming brand. The agency created an active online presence, increased brand visibility, and eventually boosted conversion rates. Thus they proved themselves as an excellent partner for game developers and companies.



Australia-based Covert is a leading gaming advertising company, creating digital solutions for established clients. They treat data as the fabric of their business success. Here, their collaboration with MSI is worth mentioning. 

Covert created a content & data-driven strategy to build online visibility through case study examples of MSI computer usages. Then, these increased the online purchase of computers in retail. Moreover, increased online visibility also enhanced user participation in social events MSI organized.



DIJGTAL combines Experience Design with Marketing to produce the best performing human-led solutions. Their approach focuses on three mindsets starting with research: discover the needs, determine the goal, and understand consumer behavior. 

They then generate excellent user experience designs. While doing this, they emphasize brands’ consistent image, convenience, safety, and efficiency. Lastly, they apply analytical solutions and strategies to reach effective ROI. 


Crowdform digital marketing agency for gaming companies

Crowdform is a game marketing company that follows the latest trends and technologies, including NFT. Long before everyone realized this emerging phenomenon, they started to build an NFT game, The Pit. 

This game enables users to purchase and sell precious creations and use them in Battle Royal-style games. They designed and developed the game from scratch that requires hard work and talent. However, the most outstanding part was the marketing, as they say too. 

Pastilla Inc


Pastilla has two things a video game digital agency should have: creativity and expertise. And what they achieved for SAP was because of that. SAP wanted to create a platform to communicate with future employees, meaning millennials. For that, they designed a video game that attracts them. 

However, they needed a gaming advertising agency for marketing purposes. Here, Pastilla played a significant role in distributing the video on various social platforms. The result was increased motivation among young graduates to apply for a job in SAP. 


WEBITMD, gaming advertising agencies

WEBITMD is a well-established digital marketing agency with services focusing on gaming. If you are looking for creative and intelligent ideas on brand positioning and content messaging for your game, welcome.

Launching your new game or relaunching the existing one, you’ll need a story to attract an audience. WEBITMD provides you with that. They are delivering results in sales and marketing without difficulty.

OMNI Agency

OMNI, gaming advertising agencies

OMNI Agency has the highest customer satisfaction by providing tangible, measurable ROIs. They offer two different methods for marketing: focusing on one specific service or full-servicing. We advise you to select the second option for monetary reasons. 

Their talent relies on creating the most user-friendly engaging websites, strategic marketing plans, effective social media management, and SEO techniques. Be sure you won’t be disappointed to work with them.

The gaming industry is continuously developing, and working with a gaming advertising agency is essential. These companies help you boost visibility, ROI, and revenue. 

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