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Best Web Design Agencies in Miami With Great Portfolio

There are many web design agencies in Miami that are suitable for your budget and the quality of work you want. Web design is a job that contains many details and requires expertise. Today, web design companies have started to increase with the increase of websites and digital environments becoming more and more common in our lives.

Every site on the internet has some unique features. Those who want to attract the attention of users try to provide originality and attractiveness with the design of their websites. If the visitors of your site like your design, it increases the desire to visit your site again. If your web page has a catchy design, the user is likely to revisit your site.

In this sense, agencies that provide web design services offer you a solution partnership.

Web design agencies in Miami

We have listed for you that you can get help when choosing a web design agency, which are the best ones as regards their expertise, professionalism, experience, and many other factors.

11:11 Media Group

1111 medya web design agencies in miami

11:11 Media Group is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Maimi and many other cities. Its team is passionate about serving clients in their local markets, and we are dedicated to building better brands. They do their job with a passion for helping all small businesses succeed and grow as well as big companies.

11:11 Media Group’s talented team is just a dedicated group of experts who are all across and focused on their clients’ brand’s success. They offer a wide variety of services including 

  • website design and SEO strategy, 
  • video production and graphic design,
  • pay per click and advertising and
  • social media marketing. 

Krafted Digital

Krafted Digital is a digital marketing and web design agency that specializes in growing brands through their tailored digital strategies. From large fortune 500 companies to small businesses in over 60 Industries, they work with companies of all sizes.

Krafted Digital team’s approach to design takes inspiration from real people and has its ultimate goal in the clarification of purpose and meaning. This development company takes your business to the next level with their improving services including

Anderson Collaborative

Anderson Collaborative is a digital agency headquartered in Miami. They are featured and awarded for their exceptional service in multiple national and local directories. Anderson Collaborative skilful team can help you build a stunning website that will act like a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week salesman for your company.

Anderson Collaborative experts can help you reach a target audience as large as an entire country or as small as a single individual thanks to their marketing and digital strategies. They are a full-service data-driven agency offering the following solutions

  • web development & management,
  • media planning and brand building,
  • strategic planning,
  • PPC and SEO,
  • data management & analytics, 
  • video production, and more.

Cosmico Studios

Cosmico Studios is one of the best web design agencies in Miami. It is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Miami. They provide their clients with Web solutions, and also iOS, and Android app development solutions. Its talented team builds supremely functional websites and applications engineered for stability, performance, and long-term adaptability.

Cosmico Studios team consists of graphic designers, web developers, strategists, and marketers. They focus on making your brand appear at the top of the search engines results. They have a wide range of developer services including 

  • web design and web development,
  • copywriting and brand identity, 
  • app development,
  • eCommerce, and more. 

Vantage Communications

Vantage Communications is a full-service advertising and web development agency that connecting local, regional, and national businesses to new customers across all media channels in unique and innovative ways. 

The team begins your process by learning about you and your business, understanding where you are and where you need to be. To take your business to the next level, they offer numerous web design services including 

Construction Marketing Gurus

Construction Marketing Gurus is a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with construction companies and delivers results backed by years of experience in construction marketing.

The agency’s experts analyze your pain points, optimize them, and execute a carefully made plan to bring you the best results.  They create full-featured websites that show everything you have to offer to your potential customers, regardless of where they are viewing it from, thanks to their effective services including

  • web design and web development,
  • eCommerce and SEO,
  • social media management, 
  • pay per click,
  • and business branding.

THAT Agency

THAT Agency is one of the most successful web design agencies in Miami. It is a full-service interactive web design agency based in Miami. THAT Agency helps its clients’ synchronize all their digital marketing and advertising endeavours to maximize their visibility to potential customers and current clients.

THAT Agency services make them more than the average digital marketing agency. They focus on clients’ 

  • web designs and development,
  • search engine optimization, 
  • pay per click management,  
  • social media marketing, 
  • and inbound marketing services,
  • application development,
  • SEO and brand identity,
  • video production, 
  • and media purchasing. 

Innovative Group

Innovative is a web design & digital marketing agency that makes data-driven decisions about future activities across the internet. The team is among the most experienced, talented, and mobile in the industry. 

By creating unique techniques, they drive experiences that will not only improve your marketing approach but also change the way people perceive your brand for the better. Many web design companies have found success with experiential marketing initiatives brought to life and executed by Innovative Group services. These services are included 

  • digital marketing,
  • ROI, SEO & organic search,
  • paid ads,
  • pay per click, 
  • inbound strategy,
  • content writing, and more.


Flowhance is a kind of development company based on digital marketing. They help you experience measurable growth and proven ROI results with award-winning strategies designed and implemented for their client’s business.

Flowhance’s skilful team implements the best strategies to reach your goals. They establish better and more organized websites and increase traffic, leads, and sales. To help you implement the right inbound marketing strategies, they offer you the best cutting-edge technology services such as

  • web development and web design,
  • brand awareness,
  • high-quality content,
  • digital marketing strategy,
  • SEO and pay per click.


Planta is one of the most powerful web design agencies in Miami. It is an advertising agency whose purpose is to build more conscious brands and consumers. The strategies they applied are focused on visualizing and optimizing every step of the customer journey.

Planta team’s first action is to understand their customer behavior, forecasting their needs, and then serve satisfying customer experiences. Their types of services are 

  • web design & development,
  • SEO,
  • video production and copywriting,
  • branding and influencer marketing,
  • digital PR and digital strategy, and more.


neuelane is one of the prominent agencies among the best web design agencies in Miami. It is a Miami-based creative agency offering the best solutions that mostly match your business needs, strategies, and goals. Its experienced team specialized in branding, social media, advertising campaigns, and content.

From startups to established businesses, neuelane explores each customer’s unique story and responds to their needs, drives engagement, and increases retention. Thanks to the services they offer, they will enable you to reach your business goals for the needs of customers. Their services are include

  • web design,
  • social strategy,
  • content creation and copywriting,
  • paid social campaigns,
  • analytics & reporting,
  • strategic planning and media strategy,
  • brand strategy, and positioning.

DigitlHaus Agency

DigitlHaus Agency is another of the full-service digital marketing agencies in Miami with a great portfolio. They help your brand reach more potential clients and sell more products to them thanks to their innovative and effective strategies. 

DigitlHaus team of innovative designers, excellent developers, and data-driven strategists work together. They are constantly innovating and pushing the envelope to provide the best end-to-end services including 

  • web design and UX design,
  • SEO and content writing,
  • app development, 
  • prototyping,
  • branding, and more.

Digital Silk

Digital Silk is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Miami integrating brand strategy with digital initiatives to improve customer experiences. From start-ups to fortune 500, they have partnered with big and small businesses. 

Digital Silk, which is preferred by very significant B2B brands, is an award-winning agency that is full of data-obsessed strategists, developers, engine optimizers, and graphic designers committed to creating superior user experiences. Their services include

  • digital strategy and consultancy,
  • web design and development, 
  • digital marketing and social media,
  • email marketing,
  • branding and creative services, and more.

Screen Media Group

Screen Media Group’s digital innovation marketing agency focuses on the profitability of your business. Its talented team offers you all-in-one solutions to make data-driven decisions in your website design. 

By providing great services with the latest technology they use, Screen Media Group can eliminate all the deficiencies that your business needs. In addition, its highly skilled and highly experienced team provides a wide variety of services including

  • web design and app development,
  • branding and marketing strategies,
  • UX / UI interface, 
  • analytics & reports,
  • digital planning, and much more.

Prototype Interactive

Prototype Interactive is one of the most known web design agencies in Miami with their successful case studies. Its team consists of the best strategists, analysts, designers, technical experts, and graphic designers that get things done. 

Prototype team worked with leading brands from various industries and contributed to shaping their digital presence, saving costs, increasing return on investment, and staying competitive in their market. They are a professional and fast team to support you in development and design with their services including

  • web design & development,
  • mobile app development,
  • eCommerce, 
  • digital strategy, 
  • user experience design, 
  • digital marketing, and more.

Absolute Web

Absolute Web is a full-service agency specializing in development, eCommerce, and digital marketing based in Miami. Its expert team of digital strategists, project managers, certified developers, trend forecasters focus on providing their clients with solutions that increase their business, their brand, and online conversions.

Absolute Web’s branding services span from naming, logo creation, package design, visual guidelines, and more. Their services are

  • web development and design,
  • UX design and branding,
  • content production,
  • digital marketing,
  • and Shopify.

SEO Brand

SEO Brand is the last agency on our list of the best web design agencies in Miami. This award-winning agency analyzes every facet of your online presence regardless of the size and scope of your business.

Through its team’s expertise in analysis, development, and design, they create unique and customized digital marketing solutions for every client. They have a wide range of services including

  • web design,
  • SEO and PPC,
  • social media and content marketing,
  • software development,
  • eCommerce and WordPress

The best web design agencies in Miami we have listed above have proven themselves with their successful web design case studies and other great portfolios. All these agencies will take your business to the next level thanks to their effective digital strategies and web design services.

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