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Best Sports Marketing Agencies in the UK

The importance of digital marketing to a modern sports club or federation cannot be overstated. Many sports executives are utilizing innovative ways to interact and reach their fan base, while also creating multiple revenue streams from a variety of digital activities, as the industry evolves. In this article, we have searched and gathered the best sports marketing agencies in the UK for your consideration.

Since The London 2012 Summer Olympics, the rise of digital marketing in sports, as well as its impact on the business, has been noteworthy. 

Now, there are far too many sports brands on the market, and strong competition for these brands or companies makes creating an effective sports marketing campaign even more challenging. But there’s a solution. To go there, sports companies in the UK should develop effective sports marketing strategies and collaborate with the top sports marketing agencies.

Sports marketing agencies provide a wide range of online marketing solutions such as SEO, content marketing, PPC campaigns, influencer marketing or even creating a unique marketing strategy for your sports institution. Digital marketing has affected how supporters interact with and perceive teams, which are also important parts of sports marketing. So, keep reading for exploring the best sports marketing agencies in the UK.

Best Marketing Agencies for Sports Industry in the UK

Let’s look at some of the best sports marketing agencies in the UK that are experienced in this field and will carry your business forward.

  1. Hallam
  2. Evoluted
  3. Prototype Creative
  4. Pixated
  5. Absolute Agency
  6. 1000 Heads
  7. CSI Media
  8. Catch Digital


Hallam is one of the best sports marketing agencies in London with its wide range of services. They have been combining strategic thought, creativity, and technological competence to build integrated digital marketing strategies that produce the only outcome that matters: commercial success, since 1999.


Virtual Runner – a company that allows clients to compete in competitive running without having to run at a specific location or at a specific time-challenged Hallam to help business owners develop their businesses while also allowing them to regain their lives! The key to their strategy was to identify the main operations that could be automated. They identified techniques for making race reminders easier to understand. For each race, they created and built a deceptively simple yet incredibly effective mechanism for users to submit their proof.


Sheffield-based Evoluted is a multi-award-winning digital agency having offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Digital design, web development, and digital marketing are their specialties. Large UK businesses and worldwide corporations use the team’s digital marketing, bespoke web development, and digital design services.

sports marketing agencies in UK Evoluted

Professional and personable employees sincerely care about the results Evoluted achieves, and they develop long-term relationships based on shared success through honesty, openness, and excellent implementation. Also, they are known for their work with sports companies in the UK. Evoluted may be the best choice for you as a successful sports marketing agency.

OriGym – one of the most well-known suppliers of industry-accredited personal training and specialty fitness courses in the UK – came to Evoluted to have their new website built, and then they hired them to oversee their SEO strategy as well. OriGym’s organic traffic, lead generation, and sales have improved considerably as a result of highly targeted keyword research, ongoing on-page optimizations, technical updates, and concentrated conversion rate optimization.

Prototype Creative

Prototype Creative is a full-service digital agency with over a decade of experience. They’re also known for their service and industry range. If you are looking for a sports marketing company in the UK, Prototype Creative may be the best choice for you.

marketing agency in Sheffield prototype creative

To help their clients achieve success and get the most out of working with Prototype Creative, each of their creative departments employs industry-leading procedures and technologies. They cultivate a workplace culture that prioritizes frequent training and professional growth for their employees’ benefit as well as yours.

Freeman Fitness is an online coaching company in the UK that focuses on results. They have helped over 1000 people achieve their body transformation goals and continue to do so. When they wanted a site to provide their clients more than their competition and attract new consumers, Prototype Creative implemented and organized their sign up form, which collects a lot of information, to lower the drop-off rate  Then, on the back end, they created a recipe input form that not only looks amazing but also integrates with Google’s Recipe View. To cross-sell and acquire data, calls to Action were placed throughout the site.


Pixated, which is one of the most prominent digital agencies in the UK, serves in 3 different cities which are London, Birmingham, and Manchester. They provided their expertise to a wide range of clients, including startups, agencies, and multinational organizations in a variety of industries including sports companies. Pixated may be the one sports marketing company that is what you are looking for and will end your search.


Their senior team has considerable experience working on some ground-breaking campaigns and projects, so you can rest assured that your work will not be passed off to a younger member of the team. They’re quite proud of the amazing results they’ve had so far; from more leads and app downloads to improved income and traffic, Pixated has a long list of happy customers.

They’re not like a standard agency; they’re structured differently, which allows them to be more agile and flexible while scaling up. Their aim is straightforward: they are dedicated to assisting sports companies in their growth and delivering demonstrable outcomes that have a positive influence on the bottom line.

Absolute Agency

Absolute, based in Bolton, is a full-service creative and digital agency in the UK that specialises in sports marketing. They’ve been doing what they do for a long time, and they offer a fully integrated solution that includes brand, strategy, development, performance, and communication. Absolute’s mission is to help their clients achieve extraordinary results by leveraging strategy, creativity, innovation, and performance to build their brands.

Manchester City Football Club requested Absolute to produce the concept and campaign deliverables for Manchester City’s USA Tour 2018, following the success of the previous three Christmas retail campaigns.

The overall goal of the campaign was to increase awareness and excitement for the pre-season tour while also continuing to grow the Manchester City brand in the United States. The whole concept had to work as part of the tour’s pre-tour advertising, as well as be adaptable enough to be used as part of a larger multi-channel campaign in each of the three US locations they were playing. 

Absolute created a consistent and impactful campaign device by incorporating the circular City badge into a winner’s medal, which was adaptable enough to be utilized across a wide range of channels and deliverables. They designed a wide range of consistent campaign deliverables within a tight timeframe, from social media to roller banners, bus and plane livery to supporter flags and luxury suites, to ensure maximum impact leading up to and during the tour.


1000heads create award-winning, head-turning, thumb-stopping creative work for some of the world’s most well-known sports companies, based on a deep understanding of what encourages people to discuss and share. If you are looking for a sports marketing company in the UK; 1000heads is one of the best serving in many other cities including London.


Their mission has always been to assist their clients in finding their own voice through the voices of others. No other marketing company has greater expertise in helping brands develop meaningful relationships with the people that matter most, from building advocate networks and leveraging digital influence to generating conversation among new communities and on new platforms.

CSI Media

CSI Media is a Cheshire-based award-winning digital agency that creates world-class web and software solutions customized to your needs. They take pride in being a  Drum Recommended Agency and having been awarded as a Leading Design & Creative Agency, a Top UK Web Designer, and a Top UK Software Developer in 2022.


They’re a tight-knit group with an intense desire to achieve their full potential. As a sports marketing agency in the UK, CSI Media could be the one to collaborate with.

The Active Sports Group (Active) appointed CSI Media to design a new bespoke software solution, ‘Sport Software,’ following successful cooperation that includes the development of various brochure websites and a rebranding exercise. Given the project’s scope, they appointed a dedicated team to engage closely with key individuals at Active Sports to understand their specific business objectives and carefully outline the architectural and execution approach. An online portal, a back-office system, and integrated booking features were proposed by their team. Overall, the portal now offers franchisees, their coaches, and tutors a professional, seamless solution for planning and delivering sports events and courses.

Catch Digital

Catch Digital is a marketing agency based in London that specializes in creating outstanding digital experience platforms. They concentrate on developing outstanding digital experience platforms because we believe that anything is possible with the appropriate platform. You may see the portfolio of their case studies on their website and review the agency as a sports marketing company for your business.


Watford FC is known for putting its fans at the center of its operations. So when some supporters complained that the club’s online experience wasn’t what they desired after a recent website makeover, the club took notice. Catch Digital took care of Watford FC’s website, application, and many other issues. Competitor analysis strengthened customer analysis, many tests were applied and changes were made in accordance with the result obtained. Both parties including the fans and the club are highly satisfied.

In the sports industry, as in every other field, the importance of digital marketing is increasing. Above, we introduced you to the best players in sports marketing in the UK. Now it’s your turn to choose the best player for your company’s needs.

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