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Best Product Feed Management Tools for Retail and eCommerce Brands

Online shopping is already a strong player in all the industries and technology is helping companies to play better. The best product feed management tools for eCommerce websites are among these tech products to make it easier to reach more online customers.

E-commerce is growing and many third parties are joining the playground as a part of advertising or marketing efforts. No matter how useful they are to increase the leads, they also bring challenges along with them. Feed management is one of these pain points, however, luckily, there is also the solution: the best product feed management tools for eCommerce websites.

If you are selling your services and your products online, you probably have long lists of your products and services. You need to present all the details to be able to explain your product to the online user, which creates huge data belonging to your online shop. And it’s another job to organize these lists and keep them up-to-date and compatible with different formats. 

What is feed management in eCommerce?

A product feed is a digital file with an overview of the products or items in your online shop that you want to advertise online. They include a variety of product characteristics, such as title, colour, size, EAN/GTIN number, and much more.

Sometimes, the format of the data in your file doesn’t match the format of the platform that you will cooperate for advertising. These platforms are the third parties such as price comparison sites, marketplaces, or affiliate networks, and they have their own system to list the products. Especially if would like to advertise on multiple channels at the same time, you will need different versions of your feed.

However, it is not a piece of cake to create all these versions manually. Here is where we meet feed management in eCommerce. To make it easier, we need a good feed management method, otherwise, the ads and listings will fail unless we don’t fix all the unfitting data. So, we simply need feed optimization.

A feed management tool is a SaaS solution. The best product feed management tools for eCommerce websites allow you to optimize your feed by uploading your original data file to create the required version. They come to the scene to digitize the process for you so that you can easily get listed on various channels and publish your ads to reach more potential customers.

The best product feed management tools for eCommerce websites will help you optimize your data and make your ads much more effective across the channels. 

  • Channable
  • DataFeedWatch
  • WakeupData
  • GoDataFeed


Channable makes it possible to automate the updates of your ads and product listings based on your inventory. The tools provide unlimited flexibility without having to manually adjust your products in your online shop. Channable, as one of the best product feed management tools for eCommerce business, help you save time by automating the processes.

Source: Channable

Also, built-in feed templates for over 2500 price comparison websites, affiliate platforms, and marketplaces enable you to complete the tasks much faster. In this way, you can create, optimize, and automate feeds for Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads in one tool.

Automate and categorize your feeds easily

With Channable’s feed management tool, it’s simple to fully synchronize your product information across all your channels. When you select the update time, the feed manager automatically keeps your feed up-to-date.

Good categorization is the main task for feed management to boost visibility. The tool also simplifies the process to categorize your products with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. 


DataFeedWatch is another strong option among the best product feed management tools for eCommerce websites. Using the tool you can strengthen the visibility of your listings with feeds fully optimized for over 2000 eCommerce channels. It is easy to create, enhance and distribute your product catalog.

Source: DataFeedWatch

What is great with these best product feed management tools for retail business development is to manage all the processes from one platform. It will be much simpler to organize and reorganize the product information when needed. DataFeedWatch gives you the opportunity to save time by creating universal feed rules that will work with the sales channels you use. 

Another benefit of using this product feed management tool is to automate ads in the Google Search engine and other networks.

Optimize your data sources simply 

Also, master accounts can access and manage the clients’ accounts from a very simplified interface.

You can;

  • create flexible and custom-fit plans to grow your customer base.
  • develop and implement your available inventory to use as a guide for updates.

Simply you can improve the product feed quality by checking brand name, colour, size and other relevant parameters so that you can increase reach and CTR.


WakeupData is a powerful data feed management platform among the best product feed management tools for eCommerce websites. The tools help online sellers on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop and more to optimize their product data feeds. It offers you different options to optimize your content. 

To sell on multiple channels, you can 

  • Use a spreadsheet to manually generate product feeds,
  • Add product feeds directly from your online store using API,
  • Automate your product feeds from feed marketing platforms.

You can easily set up integrations for your Google product feed, Amazon feed, Facebook feed and other sales channels worldwide. Their user-friendly interface makes it even simpler to optimize your data sources. The Customer Success Team helps you get higher ROI through feed management and optimization by optimizing your product catalogs.


Using GoDataFeed you can improve your eCommerce performance and reduce multichannel friction. Smart product catalogs consolidate source data, standardize formats, and enhance feed attributes. In this way, you can present the same product information across all the channels automatically. 

Optimizing your product data for shopping channels manually takes a long time and energy. That’s why the best product feed management tools for retail business development are crucial in the online shopping world. 

GoDataFeed enables you to control your product content and how you present it to customers. It simplifies the processes to modify values, remove text, inject keywords, add supplemental data, and merge fields.

Last words

The best product feed management tools for eCommerce websites help you improve your online business by boosting visibility. However, as visibility is not sufficient on its own, they are also great to optimize, categorize and automate your product information. By optimizing your products with feed management software, you can save time and increase your sales.

Most of the tools offer free trials so that you can give them a chance to tell you more about their services before purchasing. By learning more about the feed management tools, you can select your software to work with.

Product feed management is a must in online sales, especially when you are available across many sales channels. Choose the best product feed management tools for retail business management and start improving your processes.

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