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Best Marketing Automation Tools for eCommerce Brands

Marketing automation tools for eCommerce can benefit your business in many ways, especially if you’re a small business with limited resources and a small marketing team.

Automating time-consuming tasks in campaign management and lead nurturing leaves more time for other tasks. So, you can focus on creativity and personal touch, and improves overall productivity. 

Automation can also enhance the quality of your leads by 

  • ensuring data hygiene, 
  • filtering the data according to various criteria, 
  • segmenting your potential customers and 
  • helping you run better targeted marketing campaigns. 

According to a March 2020 survey, the global marketing automation market size will reach 8.42 billion dollars by 2027.

When you’re running an eCommerce business, time and attention are money, and you don’t want to wear down your resources for mundane repetitive tasks. Enter marketing automation solutions – the quick and smart way to seamlessly handle your marketing errands.

There is an ever-growing number of eCommerce marketing automation platforms and it may be confusing to decide on one. Which one would be the best option, with the least costs and most ROI? Which factors should you consider when deciding on an eCommerce marketing automation tool?

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the right marketing automation tools for your eCommerce business:


Each marketing automation platform offers a set of features that they specialize in. One of the decisive factors in choosing the most helpful automation solutions is the key features.

Here are some top features preferred by large and small business owners alike to optimize marketing processes:

  • Lead and customer relationships management (CRM)
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Ad campaigns
  • Visitor tracking and analytics
  • Real-time alerts
  • Social media posting and tracking
  • Organized workflow
  • Trigger marketing


Third-party marketing automation platforms interact with your website, mobile platform, long lists of leads and plenty of data. They are central to your business operations, depending on which service you choose. Automation should facilitate your job, not complicate it. So an efficient automation platform would offer easy integration with other commonly used business tools and platforms. 

Data security

The EU has enforced a strict legal framework for data security and privacy in 2018 called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It affects anyone that holds data on EU citizens, any information related to an individual who can be directly or indirectly identified, even if the company is not based in EU countries. 

Thus, if your business has clients in the EU your data practices need to be compliant with GDPR. As most marketing automation tools involve processing your customers’ data, it is crucial to make sure the platform you’re using is reliable and well-informed on GDPR and GDPR-compliant marketing practices.

Now that you have an idea about how to choose among different options. Let’s go over some of the leading marketing automation tools for eCommerce. We will discuss the features that stand out in each marketing automation platform. Therefore, you can decide for yourself according to your needs and business goals.


marketing automation tools kumulos

If you are specifically looking for marketing automation on a mobile app or website, Kumulos might be the one! Their fully white labelled software allows businesses to

  • drive greater interaction,
  • increase engagement and retention of website visitors and mobile app users.

Kumulos offers an integrated platform for all mobile and web marketing automation needs an eCommerce business may have, in building, running, measuring and refining campaigns. 

Kumulos platform’s mobile app analytics provide a comprehensive portrait of visitors and users. You can monitor the overall customer journey starting from the app store to the app itself. The detailed analytics deliver actionable insights which help businesses revise their strategies to drive up the conversion and retention rates.

The user and behaviour-based segmentation informs targeted marketing campaigns to achieve higher ROI. It also helps with the creation of effective triggered interactions within the app and on the website. In this way, you can turn visitors into loyal customers.


marketing automation copper

Copper stands out among customer relationship management (CRM) automation tools with its simple user interface. If you’re already familiar with Google Workspace, using Copper will be a piece of cake thanks to its integration to Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and all of the other Workspace applications. Its code-free task and workflow automation will make the sales team’s job much easier!

Which tasks do Copper’s automation tools help with? Pretty much all administrative tasks around customer experience and relationships:

  • organizing contacts in one place,
  • automatizing contact information addition,
  • segmenting and sorting out leads and customers according to specific criteria,
  • triggered emails for better-targeted communication,
  • tracking contact activities and monitoring responses and engagement with emails, and more! 

Most importantly, Copper facilitates collaboration among teammates and allows project and task management from one seamless tool. They are very popular among digital marketing teams of especially small to medium businesses. Their affordable and extensive pricing plans, starting from $25 per month, per user.


marketing automation tools for ecommerce wask

Wask is an all-in-one digital marketing automation tool for eCommerce businesses from design, task scheduling, targeting, comparative performance tracking, to A/B tests. Whether it’s your social media accounts or Google Ads account, Wask connects everything on a single platform. Here you can create, publish and control campaigns. 

Its integrated dashboard facilitates ad management with its automation features, saving your time and money. Ad campaigns created with

  • Wask’s eCommerce automation tools have decreased the cost-per-add-to-cart up to 50%.
  • With seasonal campaigns created on Wask e-commerce sites increased their ROAS up to 250% and sales up to 150%.

Two unique features that make Wask the perfect ad automation tool are the Scheduler and AutoPilot. Scheduler starts, stops and deletes ads automatically at the exact date specified by the user. You can also specify a target amount for when you want ads to automatically stop, and manage your budget without any hassle. 

AutoPilot controls the ads based on how well they are performing, which is measured by performance scores created for each ad. AutoPilot stops the ads that fall below the specified score. It can also carry out a performance comparison and choose the most efficient one.  

Hubspot Marketing Hub

marketing automation tools for ecommerce hubspot

HubSpot’s marketing automation tools offer both a CRM and an inbound marketing software platform. They are one of the leading marketing automation platforms. Thousands of startups, small businesses and SMBs choose Hubspot for their affordable and comprehensive solutions. 

In fact, their CRM tools are free, consisting of features such as information management, website activity, company profiles, company insights. You will also find prospect database, Gmail & Outlook integration, ticketing, email tracking and messenger integration. 

With the paid packages you get to access more advanced marketing automation tools. The starter plan includes

  • ad management,
  • live chat,
  • conversation bots,
  • contact website activity,
  • contact lists segmentation,
  • email marketing and
  • ad retargeting in addition to the CRM Plus platform. 

If you have a larger business and a larger budget, you can opt for the professional plan. It comes with smart content, blogging & optimization tools, SEO & content strategy, A/B testing, drag and drop landing pages, CTAs, custom metrics reporting and much more.


Keap is an all-in-one system for consistent and predictable business growth, combining different marketing automation tools for eCommerce brands. Keap’s automation services are sales-oriented and bring easy-to-use and basic tools for CRM, marketing and sales, and payments automation together in one platform. With Keap you can access your contact data from the desktop or mobile app.

Keap has many sales and marketing automation features. They include

  • sending texts and email follow-ups to leads,
  • taking leads from the contact form and booking appointments,
  • scheduling reminders of appointments, e-mails about offering and promotions through the sales pipeline,
  • sending invoice reminders and thank you emails. 

Their CRM automation tools cover the basic day-to-day tasks in the workflow, lead organization, follow-ups, invoice creation and collection, and customizable customer relations processes. They also hold brief webinars for those who are new to marketing automation to get them accustomed to the processes.


In this article we have gone over several marketing automation tools for eCommerce businesses, serving different purposes. We have tried to pick a different eCommerce marketing automation platform for each kind of automation solution. To sum up our reviews:

  • If you’re a small business or startup looking for the least costly option for the most basic ecommerce marketing automation tools for overall lead and ads management, you can consider the free CRM tools or the Starter plan of Hubspot, or Keap Lite.
  • For a more personalized engagement boost on mobile apps and websites, and expertise in push notifications, in-app messaging and other interactive triggered automations, check out Kumulos platform’s solutions. 
  • For comprehensive and professional CRM automation tools with full Google Workspace integration and simple interface, try Copper’s CRM solutions.
  • For an all-in-one solution specializing in ad management, including design, scheduling, targeting, performance analysis and A/B testing, give Wask’s digital marketing automation tools a shot.

We hope our list of marketing automation tools will help your eCommerce brand’s growth and take your business to the next level.

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